Below is my latest (non commissioned) work in progress. The canvas is 40cm x 30cm and I am using a palette of pre-mixed warm and cool greys.  The greys are mixed from Magenta, Prussian Blue, Viridian, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Unbleached Titanium, and Titanium White. This first layer was focussed on laying in the values regardless of colour, and checking to see that the painting works.

 Once this stage is dry, I will finish by adding a few markings and finer details.

eagle owl wildlife bird oil painting sue gardner.jpg

Below is a new Highland Cow - irresistible to paint with all of his luxurious curls and cheeky face.  Painted in oils on a 40 x 45 stretched canvas. These photos were of the early stages of the painting. Scroll down to see the finished piece printed as a greetings card. My cards are now available to purchase singly or in packs.


highland cow painting sue gardner.jpg
highland cow work in progress.jpg
highland cow greetings card uk

Here are the beginning stages of a new portrait that I am working on this week... see the updated version on my blog page.

Last week I began a couple of small portraits earmarked for an exhibition that I am doing in the Spring.  The first one is a double portrait of two little Jack Russel terriers I know.

bridie and mac portrait.jpg
pen sketch jack russels by sue gardner.jpg
oil painting jack russel terriers sue gardner 2018 pet portraits.jpg
painting a black dog by sue gardner how to paint in oil paints.png

This Black Cocker Spaniel Dog is a recently finished piece, commissioned as a gift. I have written a short blog post and video with my ideas on how to paint a black dog, as it is a question often asked. 


Connery the Podenco

This goofball is the 'failed foster dog' of  a good friend. ('Failed' meaning that she he was originally meant to be  a foster dog, but she is keeping him!)  Connery is a Podenco Canario now living a good life in the UK.  His legs are so long he doesn't know what to do with them. I am building up this painting in layers and using semi transparent glazes to add light and shade . Once this layer is dry, I shall make one more pass over the painting and then he will be ready to display.  This oil painting is on a 45cm x 40cm stretched canvas, so I will paint the sides off-white and hang this piece unframed.

Top left is the original reference photo, followed by the initial drawing and consecutive stages one by one.

Today's work in progress is this delightful whippet who paid us a visit recently at the shop. This is the second layer of paint, and I have started using the palette knife in some areas to build up the layers. You can still see some of the original sketch peeping through in some parts at this stage

This one which I have re-worked from an older portrait is nearly finished now.  A portrait of a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, based on a  photographic reference kindly supplied by Kerli Toode.  80 x 100 cm oils on canvas